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Easy to Volunteer.

Volunteering Has the Potential to Save the State Hundreds of Millions of Dollars 

A research published in May 2021 at London School of Economics and Science, the researchers Dolan, Krekel, Shreedhar, Lee, Marshall and Smith have focused on the volunteering program National Health Service Volunteer Responders Programme, founded in England as a response to the worldwide COVID pandemic. The program had over 9,000 volunteers, who have downloaded a designated app which randomly gave them small volunteering tasks within their near community. 
The program had many people sign up to it, more than was needed, and so some of them never got any volunteering tasks. The researchers have conducted a comparison between those who received tasks and those who didn't and found that active volunteers reported an encreased rate of life satisfaction, well being, social connection and a sense of community. 
An evaluation of the financial impact has shown that the benefits of this program were at least has high 140 times its cost - meaning, it has saved the state 627 million dollars. 

Are you still not sure that volunteering is worth you while?
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