What Else Should I Know?


Using Tribu

What is Your Solution for National Organizations Managing More Branches/Organzations?

It is possible to create a structure of an organization managing several orgnazitions, so that the national organziation would have, beneath it in the system, a sperate organzation for each branch. Each organization can get its own managers and volunteers. The managers of the head organizations would be able to see the activity happening in all branches and also enter each one a do actions in it sperately. Interested? Contact us and we will he happy to help.

Can I Also Manage My Volunteers on My Cell Phone?

Not for now, but we ara working on it. Tribu's CRM system is a web cloud-based system. It can be logged into from any computer, using a user name and a password, with no need of installation. The app for volunteers can only be dowloaded to the smartphone.

Can Other Organizations in the System See My Volunteers?

No. Every orgnazations receivs its own separate environment in the systen, which is unrelated to other organizations.

How do I Put My Volunteers Into the System?

You have three ways to do that: 1. If you have an Exel file with a list of your volunteers you can easily upload it into the system by clicking the gear icon, then 'Orgaization Settings' and 'Import Users' 2. In the system, under Manage - Volunteers, at your volunteer list, click the 'New Volunteer' button and add each of them separately. 3. You can create in the system a unique link to send your volunteers. Clicking the link on a smartphone will take the volunteers to their app store, to the Tribu app page. After downloading the app they will arrive directly into your organization's page will be able to clilck 'Join'. Now they will appear on your volunteer list at the CRM system.

Which Languages does the System Support?

Currently the system supprot English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Greek. We are working on adding more languges. At the CRM system, in the bottom line you will be able to see which language you are currently on. Clicking it would open a menu with other option languages to choose from.

Can I divide my Organization Into Different Sectors?

Yes. Using the 'Manage Groups' button under Organzation Settings you can deivide your volunteers into groups by type. Please notice - one volunteer cannot belong to more than one group. A group is not a volunteering opportunity. In order for volunteers to participate in more than one volunteering opportunity you need to create opportunities in the system.

What if I Want to Find New Volunteers?

There are two kinds of volunteering opportunities in the system: private, which is only open to the volunteers who already joined your organization, and public, meant especially to find new voluteers. It is essentially open for all app users, can be shared outside of it, for people who don't have the app yet, and allows for volunteers who don't yet belong to your organization to join. You can also define it so that a volunteer who wants to join the opportunity cannot do so automatically but instead would send you a join request for you to either approve or deny.

What Kinds of Admin Roles Are There in the System?

There are three different admin roles in the system: 1. Organization Admin - can do actions throughout the organization, and on all volunteers, can create volunteering opportunities and create admin roles for new admins. 2. Group Admin - if you chose to devide your volunteers into groups, you may define an admin for each one of them, who would only see the volunteers of the group, rather than those of the entire organization. 3. Opportunity Admin - manages a certain volunteering project - can only see the volunteers of that opportunity, can edit the opportunity, but cannot open new one. Cannot see the rest of the information in the organization. In an organization that manages sub organizations there is another admin role of 'Organizations Manager', who can see the activity in all sub organizations and can enter and perform actions in each. There are no restrictions on admins - you can have as many admins as you want in each role, and each admin can have as many roles as you like. The admin roles can by edited by clicking "Manage' and 'Admins"

What If I Need Help With the System?

At the CRM system, under the 'Help' button, you will find three other button: 1. Tutorials - Clicking this button will take you to a Youtube channel where you can find short tutorials explaining how to do basic actions in the system. 2. FAQ - This page will halp you get answers for common questions about the system. 3. Online Training - Every week, on Wednesday at 13:00 we conduct an online zoom training for admins who already work on the system, where we discuss new peatures and answer questions - feel free to join! If you still need help, please click the orange 'Support' button and send your query to our support team. Our support is active Sunday through Thursday and They will respond within 4 hours via E-mail and assist you in a pleasant professional manner.

What do Volunteering Opportunities Mean?

Volunteering Opportunites are any type of volunteering project your volunteerfs partake in - you may open one time opportunities or long term ones. For each one you open you will automatically get a chat group in the system which will include all volunteers and admins who have joined that opportunity or manage it. Volunteers can join more than one volunteering opportunity.

How Long Does it Take to Get Access to the System?

The Tribu system is a cloud based web system and can be logged in to from any computer using a user name and a password. All you have to do is receive your log in details from us and start working.

Does Tribu Intigrate with Other CRM Systems?

Yes. It depends on which system and what the needs are, and might involve an extra cost. In order for us to check your specific needs, please contact us at:

How do I Start a One-on-One or a Group Chat?

First of all, click the Chat button at the side menu. If this is the first time you are writing to this volunteer or group of volunteers you would have to type in the name of the volunteer or group of volunteers for the chat with them to appear. Click the relevant chat group and the chat window will open on the right side of your screen. Now you may start messaging. If you already have started a conversation with that specific volunteer or group of volunteers you will see it in the list. But if your list is too long you may still use the search field to find them more easily.

Privacy and Security

Is Tribu Safe to Use?

Tribu is up to the most strict security guidelines. Tribu has a data library approved by Ministry of Justice and it goes through annual penetration tests by the data security company, Experis. You may dowlnaod our data security document here

What is Tribu's Privacy Policy?

You may find our detailed privacy policy at the bottom of the website, as well as here.


How Much Does Using Tribu Cost?

You may see our different packages here.

May I Start with One Package and Then Change to Another?

Of course. You may always switch your package. Simply write to us at and we will be happy to assist.

How Can I Pay Tribu?

We currently only accept a wire transfare.