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How Can I Volunteer Through Tribu?

Tribu has an a mobile app, in which you can choose to join an organization you already volunteer for or look through the publicly open volunteering opportunities and find the one you're most interested in. You may filter the volunteering opportunities based on field of interest, days of the week and time of day you're available to volunteer and many more. So go ahead, download the app and start doing good! Download

How do I Send my Volunteering Manager an Hour Report of My Activity?

First, you must join their organization on the app. Then you need to find the right volunteering opportunity out of the ones published by the organization. Only then will the green plus button appear on your profile in the app and you'll be able to click it and put in all the details.

Is Tribu Safe to Use?

All of the volunteering opportunities that are uploaded to Tribu are from known organizations suck as: non-profits, local authorities, universities and government entities.
In addition, Tribu meets all of information security demands and is registered as an approved database in the Ministry of Justice of Israel.

How do I Leave an Organization?

In order to leave an organization you should enter your personal profile on the app, click the name of the organization you are in and then click 'Leave Organization'

Can I Only See the Volunteering Opportunities of the Organization I Have Joined?

No. As a volunteer you may also join public volunteering opportunities published by other organizations, which have decided to share their opportunities with all app uers. If you wish to only see this kind of opportunities, you may do so by using the filter button on the list page. Every opportunity on the list has the name of the organization that has published it mentioned on it.

How to Change App Language?

The app currently supposrt the languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Greek. You may change language by clickling the gear button on your personal profile.